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"If I could say

it in words, there

 would be no need

to paint."

Edward Hopper




"Art allows us to

find ourselves and

lose ourselves

at the same time."

Thomas Merton





Total  fine  art  services

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Located on the beautiful gulf coast



"My association with

Joe Patti began in 2000.

 As a result of my love of history, I have acquired

a modest collection

of art ranging

from 19th century landscapes to World

War II combat art. 

Joe's skills have restored the passion, courage

and drama of

these paintings.

What Joe has is

nothing short

 of a gift."

William Maloy, Jr.

U.S. History Teacher

Pensacola, Florida




19th century oil on canvas painting --69" x 49"


BEFORE photograph shows the storm related damage. 

The painting had been severely torn in several  places.


AFTER photograph shows the power of restoration.





19th century oil on canvas painting --24" x 69"


BEFORE photograph shows the painting severely yellowed and dirty.


AFTER photograph shows the drama and beauty of restoration

on this beautiful seascape.


First, thank you for visiting our Art Restoration Services website.

Our studio provides Restoration and Conservation Services on oil paintings, prints, watercolors and oil-painted antique room dividers.  Our 30 plus year's fine art experience and knowledge of historical paintings enables us to apply painting techniques and styles based on the style of the artwork. 

We have extensive experience repairing hurricane damaged artwork in addition to cleaning, varnishing and repairing artworks damaged by neglect, age, vandalism and natural disasters.

  • Cleaning of dirty, yellowed or over-varnished paintings

  • Repair of yellowed, foxing or water-damaged prints

  • Repair of rips, punctures, scrapes and surface cracking

  • Re-lining and re-stretching of canvases including custom stretchers

  • Removal and repair of water damage and mold

  • Canvas patching and conditioning for both front and back of canvas

  • Re-varnishing

  • Consultations: Damage quotes for insurance claims

  • Before and after photographs provided


If you are interested in having your artwork evaluated for repair or cleaning,

or speaking with us about our art services, you are welcome

to call our studio at 850.994.9974 or by cell phone at 850.380.0881.


You can also email a photograph of your artwork (with a close-up of any damaged areas) and the dimensions of your artwork to and we'll happily provide a quote.

You can also use our Contact Us page.


Again, thank you for visiting our website.



"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."  Twyla Tharp

Professional art services available

Cleaning ▲ Repairs ▲ Re-Varnishing ▲ Lining ▲ Canvas Stretching

Aged ▲Yellowed ▲Foxing ▲ Dirty

Rips ▲ Tears ▲ Holes ▲ Slashes


Also Damages From

Hurricanes ▲ Wind & Water ▲ Natural Disasters ▲Vandalism

Fires, Falls, Drops & Accidents


"Life isn't long enough for love and art."  W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)




Artwork Commissions


Portraits Available

Please contact us for details.



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Art restoration services by

Joseph James Patti

Over 30 Years' Fine Art Experience


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